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Animating the two-faced diva



Any guesses on what she’s saying? This was a scene from “Interview with Tallulah, Queen of the Universe” completed in 1995. I’m getting it transferred to digital files soon. The answer will be revealed then. The registration is a bit off in spots because I created the gif from a copies of the scene without the aid of registration peg bars.

Animated gifs

As an artist with a background in animation I’ve always wanted to have the ability to get movement into my work without having to do a big production. We’ve upgraded to Adobe Creative Cloud and now have access to all the great apps that Adobe offers and I never have to think about an upgrade again. This is animation from “The Shadow of Doubt”. I scanned the drawings and created the gif. I like the rough pencil drawing look. I can also bring in video files to create the gif.


Interested in an animated gif for your website? I’ll be posting more samples.


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